Sleep is huge for kids

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Lack of regular hours for sleep causes a child to have more behavioral and emotional problems.

In the article, the authors explain that irregular hours to sleep, and little sleep, negatively affect the circadian rhythm, or biological clock, child. Ie, affect the cycle responsible for managing the functioning of the body and regulate, for example, appetite, hours of sleep and this nice suunto core review.

“Changing constantly the amount of hours you sleep per night or go to bed at different times every day is like messing up your biological clock. This impacts the way your body will be able to work the next day, “says Yvonne Kelly, a researcher at University College London and coordinator of the study.

The new research took into account the data of 10,230 children in Britain. Habits related to sleep these children – such as the time that they were going to bed every day or how many hours they slept per night – were examined when they were 3, 5 and 7 years old. The researchers took into account only the cultivated habits from Monday to Friday. In addition, parents and teachers of these children answered questionnaires about their behavior.

The conclusions of the study indicated that children who had no set time for sleep were more likely to develop behavioral problems or emotional than those who went to bed at the same time every day of the week. These problems include, for example, sadness, involvement in fights with colleagues and recklessness, as well as hyperactivity and anxiety.

Social Issues – In addition, the study showed that having irregular hours to sleep is more common among children from low – income families and whose parents have lower levels of education. These children are also more exposed than others to other harmful habits such as skipping breakfast and spend much time in front of the television.

According to the study authors, the damage caused by the lack of adequate sleep can be reversed if parents strive to create a routine for the children. Therefore, scientists defend the idea that children’s sleep schedules should be taken into account by health professionals and incorporated in the affairs of medical consultations.

Favorite Kids Cereal

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Cereals have always been part of the human diet. The porridge was already a traditional food in northern Europe and Russia in ancient times and still is consumed in many places. Native Americans ate corn processed in different ways. In the mid-nineteenth century, they appeared companies that processed cereals and tried to sell them as a nutritious breakfast.
We had to overcome the concept that cereals were food for horses, but everything became much easier when they first appeared cereals packaged and ready for consumption without cooking them before. The most famous was Cheerios, introduced in the market on 1 May 1941. After World War II and the massive Baby Boom, the grain companies focused on children with sugary cereal flavors and forms of their favorite drawings animated. Breakfast cereals Those who loved us children are still popular and we have to admit that even we find delicious … even when you are no longer supposed to for us. These are some of those who ate breakfast secret … secret pleasures’ !!
I will not eat any cereal that does not convert the color of milk in purple. Bill Waterson
1. Lucky Charms
They are “magically delicious”, right? If you still remember the ditty, it is that you ate as a child and probably have them in the cupboard. The magically delicious Lucky Charms cereal grains are frozen and colored marshmallows. They are made with whole grains, fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals and are an excellent source of calcium.

2. Count Chocula
appeared in 1971, and were the first chocolate flavored cereal and chocolate marshmallows. The “monstrous” cereal we love children is fashionable again among bloggers Youtube.

3. Trix
Trix appeared in 1954 as the first cereal with fruit flavored . The Trix bunny, both have mocked, caused a damaging slogan “Stupid rabbit, Trix are for kids” . But then he recovered after an excellent advertising campaign.

4. Cap’n Crunch: rather than being simply a cereal
Cap’n Crunch has a life of its own. Since its inception in 1968 , its history is full of adventures of the “SS Guppy” and varieties of berries and berry-flavored crunchy peanut butter . In 1985, the captain disappeared until 1987, when he returned renewed.
5. Fruity Pebbles
Originally “Sugar Rice Krinkles,” they called this brand was renamed by the cartoon character Pebbles Flintstone. The Flintstones Flintstone or still are popular because of their continuous reruns, movies and TV specials, and Fruity Pebbles continues at the head of the favorite for breakfast cereals.

How I chose my son’s bike

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Here are some tips to help you choose the right bike for your little rider:
The first thing to look is: The size of the Bicycle

The most important thing when choosing a bicycle as a child, and the first thing to look at is the size of the bicycle
A child, like an adult, must have a proper size bike if you want to fully enjoy.

Care to size. Do not think that the bike has to last you several years, if we choose too large a bike will be unstable. The child will have to be very keen on the bike, you can not stop properly or walk safely and not be at ease. Conversely, if the bike is too small it will be extremely manageable and the child will fall more easily when turning.

How to choose the right size?

All Enrique Kids bicycles are intended for age and correspond to the child’s height.
Bicycles are arranged by size, so it’s very easy to go directly to the right for each child bicycles.
Carving bikes children it is measured by the diameter of the wheel

He exercises the muscles of the legs and abdomen and strengthens the heart.

Perfects his sense of direction on the best balance bike
Strengthens its body schema and improves psychomotor ability.
Increases self-esteem.
It gives autonomy.
Train your reflexes.
It allows you to relate more active and independent way with others.
It helps to relieve the tensions, opens the appetite and helps you sleep.
It stimulates their attention span and concentration.
Encourage your curiosity.
And it’s a sport that can be done in family and outdoors.

BICYCLES ENRIQUE always recommends the use of helmet and protections biking and always under the supervision of an adult.